How To Get Baby Boy Naturally

Amazing Tips For Having a Baby Boy

Methods To Conceive A Boy - Discover Steps To Have a Male Child

Avoid these foods as they will make it more difficult for you to make a son

There are many foods that must be avoided because they make your cervical mucus sticky and unfriendly to sperm. Products such as milk and yogurt should not be consumed if you would like to keep your body receptive to male sperm. A study has shown that most berries are great if you would like to make a son but you shouldn’t consume blueberries as they are too acidic. Stay away from processed and deli meats as these products contain very high level of potentially harmful nitrates. Foods that can change the levels of estrogen in your body should not be eaten as they are harmful to your fertility (best way to make a baby boy). Consuming soy and other phytoestrogens can affect your ovulation and egg production and should be avoided. Foods that contain high levels of sugar can also negatively skew your reproductive hormones. Foods that contain excess high fructose corn syrup include most processed food stuffs. There is also concern with women who wish to conceive consuming too much caffeine so try to limit your intake. Fish like swordfish and tuna often contain a lot of mercury which can be harmful when you are trying to conceive.

Learn how to have a baby boy by trying different positions during sex

To shorten the distance the male spermatozoa have to travel in order to reach the ovum you should aim for deep penetration during sex. Facing each other with the woman on bottom and the man on top you will always achieve deep penetration. By placing a thick pillow under the rear of the woman you will lift the woman’s hips and give the spermatozoa a direct path to the cervix. Another good position for conception is doggy style as this will allow for the spermatozoa to have a close sHow to the cervix. The spread eagle position with the female on her tummy with the legs spread far apart and a small pillow under her hips will raise the pelvis and help with conception ( If you desire to help the fast swimming Y chromosome and slow down the sluggish X chromosome try having sex while standing up as gravity will work with male sperm. The woman should achieve orgasm during sex in order to better the chances of giving birth to a baby boy. The contractions of the uterus during orgasm will help move the spermatozoa through the vaginal canal and into the cervix. The more orgasms a woman has and the stronger they are will result in better contracting of the uterus. Male sperm can live longer in an alkaline environment and a female orgasm changes the cervical mucus to a more alkaline pH level.

Learn the different medical methods that can help you become pregnant with a male baby

A reproductive endocrinologist can help you and your partner if you are having trouble becoming impregnated. There are other fertility techniques and treatments available to you if you are unable to conceive with the help of a reproductive endocrinologist. One method known as the Ericsson Technique seeks to isolate the faster swimming son spermatozoa from the slower swimming girl spermatozoa in order to guarantee what sperm you will receive. All the sperm is put into a layer of fluid and the two types separate and then the spermatozoa of the desired gender is inserted directly into your uterus via artificial insemination. Since the X chromosomes are bigger and more absorptive than the Y chromosome sperms a method called Microsort uses dye to separate the two types and then inseminates you with the chosen sex just like the Ericsson technique. In vitro fertilization is a complex medical procedure that involves the fertilization of your eggs outside of your body and then can be tested for their gender. IVF starts with a round of fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries to produce several eggs for fertilization. Your doctor gives you an anesthetic and removes your eggs from your ovaries by inserting a needle through your vaginal wall and then your eggs are fertilized with spermatozoa in a petri dish. A single cell is later removed from each of the resulting 4 day old embryos and tested for gender. The final step is the doctor placing the embryos of your desired gender back into your uterus with a catheter and you carry the baby until delivery.

Male factor infertility affects around half of all infertile couples so it’s important to understand how the male reproductive system works. The production and maintenance of spermatozoa and semen is done within the male reproductive organism. Hormones are chemicals that regulate the activity of many different organs are what control the male reproductive structure (methods to conceive a boy). The main ingredient of male fecundity is healthy and developed sperm. Women and men both use follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones for reproductive needs but men use them for the regulation of sperm. The anterior pituitary releases Follicle stimulating hormone for sperm creation and Luteinizing Hormone for the production of testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone that helps to maintain male sexual characteristics such as facial hair growth. In the testes there are structures called seminiferous tubules that are the sites of spermatozoa production. The testes produce over 12 billion sperm every month and the process of maturation for spermatozoa is 72 days. A man is considered fertile if just more than 40 percent of their spermatozoa is moving.

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